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All kinds of pet food, horse feed, garden seed, wild life feed, gift, and baby chicks in season!

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History of Yorktown Feed Seed 'N More

About Us... The History of Yorktown Feed Seed 'N More store (Follow us on Facebook) can be traced to a feed and seed store that has been a York County institution since the 1930's and our family wanted to keep the tradition alive. In June 2015, we opened as Yorktown Feed Seed 'N More. We hope to continue to meet your needs for your backyard farm and wildlife friends to include birds, chickens, goats, horses, rabbits etc.  We sell animal feed, Cavalor horse feed, dog food, chickens for sale, local products honey & eggs, hay & straw, bulk seed.

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Pet Feed

Yorktown Feed & Seed has the highest quality pet food in the Hampton Road area of Virginia.  We have pig, rabbit, goat, cattle, and sheep feed just to name a few!  We also carry bird, duck, squirrel feed in our Yorktown store.  Please stop by our store and see the wide range of products we offer.

Wide Range of Products

We carry feed for the above animals, straw, a variety of hay for horses, bird seed and garden seeds-sold by the quarter ounce.  We also carry grass seed, fertilizer and associated products.  In the near future we will have a very attractive outside display of "Hardscapes features, decorative rock, mulch and associated services.

Hay & Straw

We carry varieties of Straight Timothy, Timothy/Orchard Mix, Orchard Hay.  We are the local dealer for Chaffhaye.  It is a low sugar, low starch chopped Alfalfa which is labeled as a “pasture in a bag”.  We carry Atlantic Hay, which is a very high quality Alfalfa, chopped, dried to a specific moisture level and bagged.

horse feed and supplements - Yorktown Feed & SeedHorse Feed

We also are very proud to carry Bartlett feeds, supplements and care products.  This is feed that is technically superior because of the “puffed grain technology” and is apparent when you smell and look at the feed.  Actually recognizing the different grains that make up this feed is just the start of the difference.

Chickens For Sale When In Season

Yorktown Feed Seed N' More would love to hear about the types of chickens that you would like to add to your flock. The store has plans to continue carrying some tried and true favorites but we are looking into trying some more exotic types, if our customers are interested.

Local Products

We are proud to carry local honey ( in season), fresh eggs, hay and straw.   So please stop by at 310 Grafton Dr., Yorktown, Virginia and visit our feed & seed store for quality locally produced and grown items.

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.