Contractor Landscaping supplies by Yorktown Feed & Seed
Yorktown Feed & Seed builder supplies include, grass seed, fertilizer, lime, Hay & Straw.

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Contractor Landscaping Supplies

Transform Your Landscape with Yorktown Feed Seed N' More's Premier Contractor Landscaping Supplies! 

Embark on your next landscaping project with confidence, courtesy of Yorktown Feed Seed N' More in Yorktown, Virginia!  Explore our extensive inventory of top-notch contractor landscaping supplies, meticulously curated for the local contractors in the Yorktown area. Don't miss out on staying updated – follow us on Facebook for the latest arrivals and updates!

Our feed and seed store proudly stocks a wide array of essential products for your landscaping needs, including:

__ Straw Bales

__ Grass Seed

__ Lime

__ Fertilizer

__ Soil Amendments

__ Erosion Matting

These are just a few examples of the high-quality supplies routinely sought by contractors in the Yorktown region. For unparalleled landscaping support, we proudly collaborate with TSP Lawns & Landscapes, one of the area's premier landscaping firms.

Explore the details of each product and discover the key to a flourishing landscape! Trust Yorktown Feed Seed N' More for all your landscaping endeavors.

Prepare your lawn with AquaMaxx custom lawn seed at Yorktown Feed & Seed store Yorktown and at Prestigious Turf Management

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Bulk Grass Seed - Yorktown Feed & Seed StoreGRASS SEED

The Southern Bell Hybrid is our "go to" recommendation.  It has a lateral growth technology and is designed to withstand our near drought conditions that come with our late summer and blends well with Fescues and other varities.  However we also have Rye, Contractors Blend, Survival-a 70/30 Blend of fescue and Rye, and other blends for Horse Pastures etc.

Southern Belle (Go to Recommendation)
Hybrid, Lateral Growth, Drought Resistant
Speciality Grass
Forage Plot Seed - Turkey, Deer, Wildlife
Horse Pasture Varieties

Custom Blended Fertilizers and Weed Control by Earth Works - Carried by Yorktown Feed & SeedFERTILIZER

Earth Works
Southern Belle

Custom Blended Fertilizer by Prestigious Turf Management - Yorktown Feed Seed 'N More StoreLIME

Fast acting

Hay & Straw supplier Yorktown Feed and Seed - Home owners and contractors welcomeHay & Straw

We carry varieties of Straight Timothy, Timothy/Orchard Mix, Orchard Hay.  We are the local dealer for Chaffhaye.  It is a low sugar, low starch chopped Alfalfa which is labeled as a “pasture in a bag”.

Landscaping supplies provided by Yorktown Feed & SeedLandscaping Supplies



We also carry Perlite, Vermiculite, Soil Acidifier, Organic Garden soil, Cottenseed meal and a variety of Fertilizers for any seasonal application or soil condition.

Pro Soil Enhancer
Soil Acidifier

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.