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Pet Food, Horse Feed, Garden Seed,
bird seed, gifts, baby chicks in season.

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Call us at 757-898-6899 if you have questions about the hundreds of products we carry at Yorktown Feed & Seed.  You can contact us via phone or the online form shown below.
We carry top rated pet food, horse feed, garden and lawn seed, and baby chickens when in season.

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Yorktown Feed Seed N' More

310 Grafton Drive 

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Poultry Feed
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Wildlife Feed & Forage

Yorktown Feed ‘N Seed is the home for all your wild life needs for everything from bird seed, bird houses, to planting forage areas for wildlife.  Yorktown Feed & Seed provides wildlife feed & forage products for the Hampton Roads area of Virginia including Virginia Beach to Williamsburg.  So please stop by our store for the latest in animal feed and forage.

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.