Chicken-Keepers Classes

Reminder: Two chicken-keeping classes coming up! Two beginning classes are scheduled at the York County libraries for early 2024. (The classes are the same, so sign up for either one.) They’ll both be team-taught by Kitty Holzbach and me. The focus will be on caring for small flocks of pet chickens. Classes are free, and […]

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Purchase Baby Chicks at Yorktown Feed & Seed - Starting March 3rd, 2023

Chicken & Game Bird Feed

Chicken & Game Bird Feed Elevate Your Flock’s Nutrition with Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More: Premium Chicken & Game Bird Feed!  Discover a diverse selection of top-notch chicken and game bird feed at Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More at 310 Grafton Drive, Yorktown, Virginia!  Our store is your go-to destination for all your poultry’s dietary […]

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Yorktown Feed & Seed has Hay and Straw for sale


Bedding-Straw Bedding-Straw…  At the Yorktown Feed and Seed Store we carry a variety of bedding and straw for different animals, as well as supplementary products to prevent bugs and keep your beds fresh!  Please visit our great old time feed and seed store in Yorktown Virginia. Just call us at 757-898-6899 or email us if […]

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Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.