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Purchase Baby Chicks at Yorktown Feed & Seed - Starting March 4th, 2022

Baby Chicks For Sale

1st Batch Arriving March 4th 2022 through June 30th

Yorktown Feed Seed 'N More Store located in Yorktown Virginia are proud to announce the arrival of our seasonal baby chicks.  The 1st batch will arrive March 4th 2022 and will continue until the end of June.  Please check the arrival dates and the type of chickens we have arriving on Facebook.  We order a variety of standard and colored eggers, in addition to bantam, and polish varieties.  Game birds maybe included which could be quail, turkey, ducks.  Some examples of the breeds we order; ISA Browns, Golden Comet, Amber Links, Sapphire Gems, Black Sexlinks, and Cuckoo Maran.  Chicks can be pre-ordered, but the order is only valid with payment at the store or over the phone.

Check Facebook for type and arrival date - call 757-898-6899 to reserve your baby chicks!

How We Support Your Chickens

. Chicken Feeding and Watering Stations

. Chicken Feed from baby chick to mature chicken

. We carry everything to keep your chickens in the peak of health

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