Wild Bird Feed

We carry a good variety of seeds that are premixed to attract different birds.  We also sell bulk seeds as well as mixing some of our own YSFM Blends.

Wild Delight – Nut & Berry

Wild Delight – Fruit & Berry

Wild Delight – Woodpecker/Nuthatch

Wild Bird Seed Mix, Lyric

Finch Seed Mix, Lyric

Chickadee Bird Seed Mix, Lyric (Yellow)

Woodpecker Mix, Lyric (Red)

Supreme Wild Bird, Lyric (Green)

Delite Bird Seed Mix, Lyric (Maroon)

Shafer Wild Bird Seed

Friends of Flight Gourmet Blend

Bulk Seed

Millet, Proso White

Millet, Red

Black Oil Sunflower (Specially priced Northern Neck Grain)

Stripped Sunflower

Safflower (Bully birds and Squirrels don’t like this seed)

 Nyjer Thistle

Sunflower, Chip & Pieces

Peanuts (In Shell)

Peanuts, Splits & Wholes

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.