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Cavalor Feeds

We also are very proud to carry Cavalor feeds, supplements and care products.  This is feed that is technically superior because of the “puffed grain technology” and is apparent when you smell and look at the feed.  Actually recognizing the different grains that make up this feed is just the start of the difference.

The basis of all Cavalor products is research.  Fundamental research and customer field testing have solidified the reputation that “Cavalor Products really work”.  They have a 100% doping -free guarantee, ensure high quality by using the best possible raw materials, manufacturing and quality control processes along with a sophisticated delivery system.  Our Olympic and World Champion and World Cup winning horses give testimony to the results you can depend upon.  The primary design is based on the high digestability of their grains.

Cavalor has products to meet most every need for the horse based on the results and level of “work or performance” required.

Sport Line

  • Action Mix
    • Mix for active competition horses engaging in light work (4 – 8 hours per week).  This grain formulation also contains Pro energy, florastimul as supplementary nutritional support.
  • Performix
    • The daily energy dose -for horses engaging in average to intensive work.  This feed is supported with the additional supplements Muscle Plus, Arti Pro, Omega 3 Plus, and Yeast Plus.
  • Endurix
    •  A feed for competition horses performing long aerobic exercises.  In addition to the excellent puffed grains they supplement this feed with Muscle Plus, Mega Electrolyte, Pro Energy, Arti Pro, and Florastimul.
  • Superforce
    • Is a top quality sports feed specifically designed for the very active competition horse performing explosive short efforts.  This grain also contains Pro Energy, Muscle Plus, Mega Electrolyte, Arti Pro, and Yeast Plus.
  • Fifty-Fifty (Balancer)
    • The heart of Cavalor feed, to which you can add your current feed and/or grains.  It contains Florastimul, Arti Pro, and Omega 3 Plus.

Harmony Line

  • Strucomix Original
  • Strucomix Senior
  • Tradition
  • Vitacrunch

Special Care

  • Panissimo
  • Fiberforce
  • Mash & Mix
  • Whole Gain

Cavalor Supplements

Throughout the last two decades, Cavalor built an international reputation as the world leader in equine nutruition by providing products for many horse’s needs.  These products are FEI and Jockey Club compliant.  Here are some of the conditions for which Cavalor may have a solution.

Nervousness and Behaviour

Condition, Performance & Energy

Hoof issues:


Joints & Tendons



Respiratory system & Airways

Broodstock & Breeding

Internal System & Digestion

Cavalor Care Products

Leather & Cleaning Products


  • NorPlus – Pleasant, refreshing and deep lcleaning shampoo
  • Cooling Wash
  • Hygienic Wash
  • Star Shine – Detangler
  • Lurax – Ideal fofr scrapes, bruises and other skin irritations
  • Sw-Itch – Protects agains uncontrollable itching
  • Flyless – repels flies, horseflies, ticks on riders and horses


  • Vitacrunch – A low starch and low sugar snack that combats boredom and ensures safe and health vitamins and minerals.
  • Sweeties and Fruities – horse tidbits for the ideal treat that has no added sugar.

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.