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Dog Food

Yorktown Feed Seed N’ More offers a wide range of dog food for sale at it’s Yorktown Virginia store.  We offer quality dog food products such as Triumph Grain Free, Hubbard, Hunt Club, Diamond, High Energy, Puppy Pride, etc.  Please stop by our store in Yorktown to see our selection of dog food products.  Our store serves; Newport News, Hampton, Carrollton, Williamsburg, Gloucester, and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Call 757-898-6899 or CLICK HERE to Email Us!

Brands of Dog Food

We carry :

Triumph Grain Free, Salmon or Turkey 28 lb.

Hubbard 40 lb.

Generic 50 lb.

Hunt Club 21:9 50 lb.

Maintance 21:12 50 lb.

High Energy 24:20 50 lb.

Earthborn Dog Holistic, Great Plains Feast 28 lb.

Propac Gluten Free, Meadow Prie Lamb 28 lb.

Diamond Naturals; Lamb, Chicken and Large Breed 40 lb.

Diamond Puppy 40 lb.

Puppy Pride 25 lb. and 50 lb.

  Cat Food

Earthborm Primitive Feline, 5lb. and 14 lb.

Propac Ultimates Savanna Pride 14 lb.

Propac Ultimates Deep Sea Select Cat 14 lb.

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.