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Chickens For Sale When In Season

The Yorktown Feed & Seed Store would love to hear about the types of chickens that you would like to add to your flock. The store has plans to continue carrying some tried and true favorites but we are looking into trying some more exotic types, if our customers are interested.  We have chickens for sale when in season.

Live Chickens for sales at Yorktown Feed Seed 'N MoreChickens For Sale

Yorktown Feed & Seed offers chickens for sale when in season.

Topical Medications

Yorktown Feed Seed N' More carries a wide range of topical medications for chickens.  Just stop by the store to learn more!  We have knowledgeable people standing by.

Facebook Chicken Alert!

The best way to see what we have in stock at the store is to check our Facebook page.  We keep you up to date on the latest arrivals, and the newest type of feed.

Chicken Feed

Yorktown Feed Seed N’ More offers a wide range of chicken Feed for sale in it’s Yorktown VA store.  We carry several brands of chicken feed including our latest arrivals New Country Organics and Sunrise Farms.

First Aid:

To care for your chickens, it has been noted that having a basic first aid kit come in very handy. Some of the items that should be in the kit are as follows: Gloves, protective eye ware, mask, rubbing alcohol, aspirin, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine solution, neosporin, non-stick pads, gauze, waterproof tape, first aid wrap, preparation H, lubricating jelly, Benadryl, corid, sulmet, sav-a-chick packets, petroleum jelly or coconut oil, Blu-Kote, apple cider vinegar, syringes, Q tips, nail files and tweezers

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.