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Animal Feeds

Yorktown Feed & Seed Products include Equine Feed by Cavalor, Chicken feed and livestock feed from New Organics and Bartlett as well supplement and care products.  We also carry a large selection of Garden seeds sold by the quarter oz. or lb., Grass seed, Fertilizer and soil amendments. We have a variety of hay and bedding products as well as straw.  We offer a wide range of wild life seed and service Newport News, Williamsburg, Yorktown, Virginia Beach, and the Southside Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

Cavalor Horse Feed - Yorktown Feed Seed 'N MoreCavalor - 

  • Feed
  • Supplements
  • Care Products

New Country Organics

  • Certified Organic feed for all Poultry and livestock
  • Supplements that compliment your organic feeding program

Bartlett -

  • Feed
  • Supplements
  • Care Products



  • Feed
  • Suppliments
  • Accessories
  • Bedding

tortoise and the hare - live at Yorktown Feed 'N SeedLivestock

  • Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Goats
  • Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Special Requests

Wild Life

  • Birds
  • Deer
  • Ducks
  • Squirrel

Garden and Lawn

  • Garden Seed sold by the packet, 1/4 Oz. or the pound.  We feature Wetzel non-GMO seeds and have a very extensive selection.
  • Food Plot Seed - Turkey mix or other wildlife forage plot seed.
  • Lawn seed.  We feature Southern Belle seed, designed for our area and climatic conditions.  We generally recomend Southern Belle Hybrid because it incorporates a lateral growth technology, drought resistance and blends well with fescue.
  • Fertilizers to prepare or supplement lawn nutrients for our area.

Hay & Straw and other bedding products

  • Straw for bedding or seed cover.
  • Pine shavings- Fine which works well for horse stalls and a larger flake preferred by chicken keepers
  • Hay  We carry regular 40-50 lb rectangular bales.  We try to keep Orchard Timothy mix on hand
  • Pine Pellets
  • Hemp bedding and a variety of other bedding such as Cedar, Paper and Corn Cob for different applications
  • Alfalfa, Alfalfa/Timothy Pellets and Cubes
  • Chaffhaye, a low starch and sugar chopped Alfalfa in 50Lb packaging
    Alfalfa & Timothy Hay from Atlantic Hay and Tidewater Tales

Local Products

  • Honey- Because is gathered in this local area it is especially preferred by folks who have allergy issues.
  • Eggs-We are supplied by our customers so these are local refrigerated or non-refrigerated eggs that can come in a variety of colors, depending on the particular breed of the hen.

Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.