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  • Animal Feed for Sale by Yorktown Feed Seed 'N More
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900w-Feed-&-Seed-2Animal Feed For Sale by Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More

  • Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More provides all types of animal feed; Bartlett- Horse, Goat, Chicken both start & grow and layers, Rabbit, Sr HI-E, Goat textured & sweet, Hog, etc
  • Purina-  Flock raisers, Equine Sr, Strategy
  • Bay’s Best- Whole and Cracked corn in 25 lb and 50 lb bags, Milo, Oats, Wheat, Barley, Buckwheat
  •  New Country- Chicken, Goat, Rabbit
  • Mazuri- Mini Pig, Koi
  • Gamefish, floating feeds
  • Sunrise Farms- Chicken, Turkey, Goat
  • Hay & Straw ( feed and bedding)
  • Chaffhaye


We now carry the complete line of Cavalor Premium Horse Feed and assorted products.  So if you are looking for a horse feed store in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia please consider Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More

storefeedOur Products

Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More offers a wide range of animal feed plus bulk seed and local products in it’s Yorktown store.  We also welcome your suggestions for other services or products you would like to see us carry in our store.



We now carry feed in Organic and Non GMO and Store Brands: 
Chicken & Game Birds
Mini Pig


Outdoor Fish

Bulk Seed
Grass Seed, Southern Belle ( Classic and Hybrid), Rye, Survival Blend, Contractor’s Blend, Heavy Traffic, Shade, Full Sun

Vegetable Seeds
Flower Seeds
Wide variety of bird seeds

Hay & Straw
Alfalfa & Timothy Grass Pellets

Alfalfa & Timothy Hay (bagged)

Orchard/Timothy Hay Bales

Straw Bales, standard size



Other Products
Pine, Cedar, Aspen, Hemp Shavings
Meal worms dried 
Various insecticides and yard care products
Oyster grit and Gran-I Grit
Fertilizers ( Lawn & Garden)
Chicken/ Turkey Feeders and Waterers
Chickens &  Other Poultry (seasonal)
Variety of Lawn Products & Grass Seeds
Bird & Mealworm  Feeders
Topical Animal Medications
Fly Spray

Soil: Potting, Lawn Fix, Garden 

Manures and Natural Fertilizers

Pine Pellets


Outside Display Area by TSP Landscaping
Stone or paver walkways
Outside lighting
Outside Kitchens
Retaining Walls

Email Us With Your Questions

Please tell us if you have a brand of feed you would like to see carried at our Yorktown Feed Seed ‘N More store.  Your input is critical to us.


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Please contact the Yorktown Feed & Seed Store, if you have any questions about the products we carry.